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some classic money mistakes we all make

Give your Home a Much-deserved Makeover with a Logbook Loan

home improvement logbook loans

Performing even a few basic home improvement projects can work wonders for converting virtually any space or room into something that is not only functional, but also aesthetically appealing. Depending on how much of a home makeover you would like to complete, you could obtain financial assistance to do so in the form of a logbook loan.

Until recently, homeowners who wanted a change would simply sell their properties in order to purchase something ‘bigger and better.’ However, over the past few years, there is now more of a trend for families to work with what they have by making a few improvements to their existing homes instead.

Regardless of whether you want to perform some minor de-cluttering or you intend giving a few rooms fresh coats of paint and new closets, you will most likely be trying to figure out how you will be able to afford to get everything done. If your savings account is not going to be able to cover everything you’d like to do, consider speaking with us today regarding the possibility of obtaining a loan.

If you know that you would like to make a few changes around the house, but aren’t quite sure where to start, take a look at the ideas below.

Don’t Underestimate the Power of a Single Room Makeover

Something as quick and simple as giving a room a fresh paint job can make the world of difference. Before choosing paint colours, take your existing furniture and accessories into consideration. In cases where your budget will only allow for paint at this stage, you certainly wouldn’t want to select a colour that won’t match anything else.

If you are choosing a bold paint colour, consider using it on one or two walls only – this often has far more of a visual impact than if you had to paint all of the room’s walls with it. Changing a few items like small rugs, curtains or sofa cushions will make a dramatic but effective change along with your new paint job as well.

improve your outdoor space

Make your Outdoor Space Inviting

When it comes to performing home makeovers, many people forget that outdoor spaces can be transformed into wonderful areas for entertaining and relaxing with friends and family.

For instance, installing decking and a seating area around a fire pit or having a glass conservatory erected will enable you to make the most of space you already have. A conservatory will enable you to make the most of sunny days, even if it is somewhat chilly outdoors.

Consider Hiring a Landscaper

If your lawn is looking shabby and the garden plants appear to have seen better days, it can make your property look rundown from the outside. Chances are that you may not have the time to get your yard looking attractive again, which is why it would make sense to hire an expert.

Having the lawn cut, trimming bushes, replacing dead or wilting plants and performing an all-round cleanup will make a tremendous difference to how your property is viewed from the outside.

Increase Indoor Living Space

If your family has grown over the past few years, chances are that you may be considering adding one or more rooms to your home’s existing living space. Although this can sometimes be a costly option, it will normally still cost less than selling and moving to a bigger home.

Many homes have loft or attic space sitting unused, which can be converted to a comfortable living space, a hobby room, office or even a children’s playroom. Not only will this make your home a more enjoyable place to be; if you decide to sell at some point in future, the extra living space will increase your home’s value substantially.

loans to improve your home

Dare to be Different

Are you looking for something completely different with regards to giving your home a makeover? If so, why not consider converting your home’s lower level (in the case of a double storey) or a section of a single storey property to an open plan layout?

This concept can work especially well when incorporating living room areas, kitchens and outdoor spaces – you will end up with a fantastic area that flows easily and is convenient to use when hosting company.

Points to Keep in Mind

Although many home makeover projects can be performed in a DIY capacity, those involving making structural, electrical or plumbing-related changes should always be left to qualified and experienced professionals. This will ensure work is completed according to current safety and industry and building code requirements.

When searching for a builder, plumber, electrician or any other tradesperson, it’s essential that you not base your selection on price alone. Too many homeowners have made this mistake, only to be left with half-finished projects or work that is not compliant in any way. Some of the best ways to find reliable tradespeople include asking people you know for direct referrals or performing online searches for reviews.

While it can be tempting to purchase the cheapest paints, building materials and other makeover-related accessories, it is better to spend as much as you can comfortably afford instead. For instance, you wouldn’t want to spend days or even weeks painting the inside and outside of your home, only to have the first round of heavy rain erase your hard work away. In many cases, cheaper curtains and upholstery items will not be as durable and colourfast as their cheaper counterparts either.

If you are going to require any form of loan to assist you with covering the cost of your home makeover, it’s essential that you only borrow as much as you will be able to afford to repay. This will ensure that your repayment amounts are kept at a realistic level until everything has been paid in full.

Once you have completed your makeover projects, regardless of how large or small, you will once again be able to enjoy spending as much time as possible in your home with family and friends.

Please note: The content provided in our blog posts is for informational purposes only, and does not constitute lending advice, nor does it claim to portray the actual lending experience accurately.