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V5 Logbook Loans Against Your Car

Enquire online today to release the value in your car with your V5 document.

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Do you need to borrow anything from £250 to £50,000? Did you know that you could do this with a Logbook Loan and that by enquiring online you could receive your money on the very same day!

V5 document loans are one of the fastest growing ways to borrow in the UK. They are simple to apply for and can be more accepting than other loans, so if you've ever been declined a more traditional loan before they could be the ideal solution for you.

You can use your new loan for any purpose... so why not clear some debts or treat yourself to a holiday! With quick decisions and fast access to the funds why not enquire online today to see how much you could borrow? Simply complete our online form to enquire.

Free Enquiry Enquire online completely free and you can discover just how much you could borrow against your car.

Poor history considered: If poor credit history has been a problem with other applications then you may still be eligible subject to eligibility and affordability.

Keep driving: You can carry on driving the car you are borrowing against for the duration of the loan. Unlock the value and keep the keys!

Online form: Enquiring about a loan is as simple as completing a short 60 second online form with a few basic details.

Any purpose loans: The money you borrow can be used for any purpose you like, making these one of the most flexible loan types available.

Tailored Solutions: Out-the-box loans aren't suitable for everyone, so get in touch to discuss the best options for your lending needs.

If you'd like to find out more, and discover how much you could borrow with a Logbook Loan then complete our simple online form and a specialist will get in touch to discuss your own specific lending requirements further.

Why not find out how much you could borrow today?

Model Year Clear Finance? Postcode
BMW 3 SERIES 2008 Yes CA25
AUDI A3 2004 Yes TF2
BMW 5 SERIES 2012 Yes PO4
PEUGEOT 207 2011 Yes NP19
logbook loans for older cars

Logbook Loans On Older Cars?

Even if you drive an older vehicle you could well be eligible to borrow against it. Other lenders may limit you to a maximum vehicle age of 8 years, however we consider all vehicles and vehicle ages for a loan. The reason is that the loan is based entirely on how much your vehicle is worth, and with loans from £250 all the way up to £50,000 most vehicles are eligible. To see if you qualify just complete our quick online form.

loans against classic, vintage and prestigious cars

Loans Against Prestige, Classic & Vintage Cars

What if you're the proud owner of a car considered to be vintage, classic or prestigious? You could still qualify to borrow money subject to eligibility and affordability. Everything from Bentley to Maserati, Rolls-Royce and Ferrari to classic Mercedes, BMW and Porsche are catered for. As with a standard loan enquiry, the value of the borrowing amount will be a direct reflection of the current market value of your vehicle.

no credit check logbook loans

No Credit Check Loans?

Actually this isn't true and is a popular misconception about this type of loan, however don't let that put you off! All applicants are credit checked, however as your vehicle is used as security then a V5 loan can be more attainable than other forms of loans making them popular with those with a less than favourable credit history. If you have applied for and been refused a more traditional type of loan then a loan against your car might be the solution for you subject to eligibility and affordability.